Joyce Foundation, Chicago Arts Organizations Launch New Partnership

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Building on its history of promoting greater diversity in the arts and supporting cultural institutions set in communities of color, the Joyce Foundation has launched a new partnership with ten leading Chicago arts and cultural organizations to help achieve greater sustained diversification and long-term operating success.

In designing the new “Spotlight Grant” program, Joyce consulted with ten of its long-time grantees to determine how the foundation could best support their long-term success. Organizations selected for the new grant program reach cross the city and art forms, but each has been a consistently high-performing grantee for at least ten years. Joyce asked each to develop a vision for sustainable growth; their responses provide a glimpse at how arts philanthropy can evolve to make a long-term impact. Recipients of the three-year Spotlight Grants include Black Ensemble Theater, Chicago Sinfonietta, Court Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Hyde Park Art Center, International Latino Culture Center of Chicago, National Museum of Mexican Art, Old Town School of Folk Music, Teatro Vista/Theatre with a View and Victory Gardens Theater.

The Spotlight Grants aim to incentivize systemic change, with the intent to create lasting impact through both a more diverse arts workforce and a more inclusive and rich audience experience.

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