Celebrity Stylist Irma Martinez Has an Eye for Fashion

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By: Ashmar Mandou

World-renowned celebrity stylist Irma Martinez, a native of Colombia, has dressed hundreds of celebrities, from Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, and Sofia Vergara and has worked with big brands, such as Colgate, Ford, P&G, and AT&T. Today, Martinez announced her new partnership with Transitions Optical, Inc., to debut a three-part web series titled “Estilo a Primera Vista,” where Martinez will talk about the importance of eye care to Latinos as well as introduce stylish eyewear accessories through Transitions Optical. “This is a cause that is close to my heart because growing up in Cartagena, Colombia the sun was so strong and I would walk outside and spend hours in the sun,” said Martinez. “As a result, I have permanent damage to my retinas. So I have to be extremely careful to take care of my eyes and I can do that without sacrificing style,” laughed Martinez.

According to the National Eye Institute, Latinos developed visual impairment and blindness at the highest rate of any ethnic group in the country. Through “Estilo a Primera Vista,” Martinez with the help of Transitions Optical will address three main themes ranging from how to choose eyewear that compliments the shape of your face, skin tone, personal style and lifestyle to selecting fashions accessories that make eyewear the focus of a complete look. “This is the best part of my job,” said Martinez. “I get to talk about fashion, but also encourage my community to put their health first and to get them thinking about their eyesight more often. What I love most about Transitions Optical is that I get a two in one deal. I can use my eyewear for indoor reading and when I head outside my eyewear adjusts to the sunlight to protect my eyes.” To view “Estilo a Primera Vista,” head over to www.transitions.com/es-us. To learn more about Transitions Optical, visit www.Transitions.com. As for advice for those who want to become a fashionista like Martinez, she said “work hard and know the field. Become an expert in the field and take risks. Know who you are and what you bring to the table.”

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