Marquette Bank Awards Scholarships to 60 Local Graduating Seniors

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

Marquette Bank continued its 49-year tradition of awarding scholarships to local graduating seniors. In honor of Marquette Bank’s 70th Anniversary, the Marquette Bank Education Foundation Scholarship Program awarded the largest number of scholarships to date and presented 60 students from Chicagoland schools with individual scholarships of $2,500 for a total amount of $150,000.

Since 1967, almost $2.9 million has been awarded to over 1,500 high school seniors from Chicagoland neighborhoods. Students are selected based on financial need, scholastic achievement and a record of volunteer service in their respective communities. The scholarship can be used for any post-secondary education program, including: four-year universities, community colleges and vocational training schools. The scholarships were funded by the Marquette Bank Education Foundation (MBEF) and were awarded to students recommended by their guidance counselors and principals.

Photo Caption: The Marquette Bank Education Foundation awarded 60 scholarships of $2,500 to local graduating high school seniors. Since 1967, nearly $2.9 million in scholarships has been awarded to over 1,500 students from Chicagoland neighborhoods.

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