Corazón Community Services to Host Cease Fire Closing Ceremony

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

Corazón Community Services, in collaboration with the Town of Cicero and other community partners, will host a Closing Ceremony to the Cease Fire Summer 2015 events in Cicero on August 21, 2015. Corazon Community Services has and continues to invest in Violence Prevention programming and activities throughout the year, to provide the community with essential services. The Closing Ceremony for Cease Fire Summer 2015 will be presented by Corazón Community Services with representatives from the Town of Cicero, CeaseFire Illinois/Cure Violence, the Cicero Youth Task Force and State of Illinois elected officials. The ceremony will take place at East Parkholme, 47th and 21st St., Cicero, IL 60804 at 6:30pm.

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