Say Adios to Adios America

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by Daniel Nardini

If Republican candidate Donald Trump is the action behind his half-baked immigration plan to make America “great,” the book Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hell Hole is clearly the ideology behind the anti-immigrant movement now underway. Written by the radical rightwing extremist Ann Coulter, until now I had no idea this person is a racist. This book in my view proves that. Put out by Regnery Publishing, this publisher, which describes itself as the largest and best known conservative publisher in the United States, has gone to the bottom of the barrel. After reviewing this book, I can only say that Regnery Publishing has no ethics and that they really should be ashamed of themselves for putting this book out.

The first thing about this book is that it is just one giant ramble. It really does not have too much of organization, outline, nor central point made in any of the chapters. It just seems to say as many God awful things about Mexicans and Latinos, and uses information and statistics that really do not buttress Ms. Coulter’s arguments at all. If anything, it leaves us all the more confused of what she is really talking about. However, there are too many paragraphs and sentences where she really uses the poison pen against Mexicans and Latinos in general. Let me give one tiny example: “According to a Washington Post poll, a majority of second generation immigrants from Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Vietnam and the West Indies did not refer themselves as ‘Americans’ and said America was not the best country in the world.” I have no idea what Washington Post poll this idiot is talking about. As for saying that none of the immigrants identify with the United States or being American, this is bogus non-sense.

Having worked with the Mexican American community for 20 some years, I have seen the American and Mexican flags side-by-side as so many people, whether they are native born or immigrant, demonstrate their loyalty time and again for this country. They call themselves Americans or U.S. citizens, and the very idea of most of the Mexican immigrants ever returning to their country of origin to live permanently is unthinkable. What can be more “American” than that?! Apparently to Ms. Coulter, the “non-white” people from Asia and Latin America can never blend into the mainstream of America, and can never be “true” Americans. I remember once watching an interview between Ms. Coulter and Univision host Jorge Ramos. In it, Ms. Coulter stated that her ancestors were among the first “settlers,” and not immigrants. Her ancestry is English, Irish, German and some Dutch. What she is saying that because her ancestors were in this country before this country became independent, they therefore “founded” the United States. She does not seem to count the Native Americans, nor the Spanish and Italians and African Americans or their mixed race descendants who were here first. But then Ms. Coulter’s racism is another way of never saying sorry.

For anyone interested in Adios America, I highly recommend NOT buying this book, and spending your money on something worthwhile. Just pick up a copy of this book at your local library and then put it as quickly back on the shelf as possible.

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