Local Soccer Team Scores $1,000 From Miller Lite for Team Jerseys

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

Julio Suarez has been playing soccer since he was eight and is currently the group leader of the Los Morritos soccer team. Earlier this season he created a free account on Pearup.com, which is a platform that makes sponsorship and fundraising easy for groups of all shapes and sizes by connecting teams with national brands. In less than 60 seconds of creating his account, Miller Lite sponsored Julio’s soccer team and within three days the team raised $1,000. This sponsorship allowed Los Morritos to purchase new custom soccer jerseys at no cost to the team members and enabled Miller Lite to build a meaningful relationship while gaining local exposure. It was a win-win. Julio views soccer as family time, as his teammates consist of cousins, uncles, and close friends. Julio’s dad is also the coach. Los Morritos are looking forward to a successful winter season. If you are part of a local group or team looking for sponsorship, visit pearup.com now to get started for free!

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