Verizon Recognizes Outstanding Women for ‘Nueva Latina Estrella Award’

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In the last six years Verizon has recognized the important role that Latina professional women play in society within the Midwest. Through the Nueva Latina Estrella Award (NLEA) Verizon aims to showcase the dedication, hard work and leadership of these exemplary women, as well as the difference they make in their communities. On Thursday October 1st, The Sophisticates’ Luncheon took place in Block Thirty Seven where the five winners of the annual “Nueva Latina Estrella Award” (NLEA) program were announced. At this successful event organized by Latino Fashion Week, Verizon recognized professional women who have demonstrated success in the areas of technology, business, education, health and community service. The committee that selected the winners of each category was comprised of leaders from Chicago and Minneapolis who work in diverse industries which include companies, non-profits, community service and media. The contest prized each winner with $1,000 and a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone. The winners from each category were:\

BUSINESS: Ana Dutra, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Executive Club of Chicago, from Illinois.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Ruby Azurdia-Lee, President of CLUES, from Minnesota.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Noticias Locales

EDUCACION: Monica Haydee Ramos, Director of Community Engagement and Student Success Coach at National Louis University, from Illinois.

TECNOLOGY: Paulette Santiago, Manufacturing Technology Engineer at DuPont, from Kansas.

HEALTH: Elizabeth Florez, Assistant Professor at DePaul University-School of Nursing, from Illinois

Miguel Bassaíl-Cultural Engagement Strategist for Verizon, posing next to the semifinalists for the category of business for Nueva Latina Estrella Award 2015 (NLEA). From left to right: Trina Fresco, Angélica Atondo, Ana Dutra-winner of NLEA 2015 and Dr. Suzane Flores.

Photo#2 (2015 NLEA Winners):
Four of the NLEA 2015 finalists from left to right: Elizabeth Florez (Health, Illinois), Mónica Haydee Ramos (Education, Illinois), Paulette Santiago (Technology, Kansas) and Ruby Azurdia- Lee (Community Service, Minnesota).

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