Ald. Cardenas Opposes Activation of Speed Camera

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

By: Ashmar Mandou

Alderman George Cardenas held a press conference Monday to oppose the activation of the speed camera located at 3200 S. Archer, which was installed back in September of 2014, near Mulberry Playlot as a ploy to increase public safety. “This camera is nothing more than an aggressive tactic to nickel and dime the taxpayers of this area,” said Ald. Cardenas at the press conference. “These minor park investments are lipstick on a pig. The community knows this is a playlot that children do not use. To truly make this park safe and inviting for children, a properly place camera is needed, not one that is over 200 feet away and in the opposite direction. I will take any and all action necessary to fight City Hall and remove this camera immediately. I encourage the community to join me in protesting this camera.” Ald. Cardenas was surrounded by over 50 neighborhood residents and anti-red-light supporters who all oppose the activation. Mulberry Playlot is located at 3120 S. Robinson, a one-way street that can only be access from Ashland Ave. Entrance to the park can only be from Robinson Street. The speed camera located at 3200 S. Archer is blocked by buildings and an alley making it impossible for cars driving past to see or hear children. Over 1,000 community members signed a petition to remove the speed camera. In a survey conducted in the ward, over 65 percent disagreed with the camera and its location.

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