Alderman Cardenas Celebrates Center of the City Sign Dedication

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Alderman George Cardenas invites city residents to the Center of Chicago Sign Dedication on November 21st, 2015 at 11:30am on the corner of 37th and South Honore streets. These cross streets were designated as the city’s center in 1977 and now as part of the revitalization of McKinley Park. Alderman Cardenas stated, “Sharing memories with neighbors from the past, present and future helps the community to reconnect and strengthen their commitment to making McKinley Park a vital center of Chicago again. All 12th ward residents and Chicagoans should celebrate the history of our great city together”. Alderman Cardenas, The McKinley Park Civic Association, McKinley Park Advisory Council and William McKinley Post #231 will co-host the event with snacks and refreshments following the unveiling.

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