Jacob Meister Collects Signatures in Bid to Bring Accountability, Transparency to the Clerk’s office of the Circuit Court

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Jacob Meister filed nominating petitions for the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. “Now that our nominating petitions have been filed, we start our campaign to restore trust in our court system. As I knocked on hundreds of doors the past few months, residents have made it clear that they will no longer accept business as usual at the clerk’s office,” said Meister. “This office is important to me; it is the heart of our court system. From day one I will help create a culture of accountability and start the process of modernization that people are demanding.” “There are a couple of candidates in this race that have failed to provide ethics oversight in Cook County and the City of Chicago. I will bring independent ethics oversight, this is how we start to bring accountability and transparency to our court system.” Meister concluded. Jacob Meister has been practicing law in Chicago for 25 years. Through his practice and his non-profit, Meister has represented hundreds of individuals on a pro bono basis in matters ranging from discrimination in the workplace, public accommodations, and housing to defending low-income people from predatory lending practices. Meister is the founder of The Civil Rights Agenda, one of the State’s leading LGBT advocacy organizations.

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