Morton East Teacher Wins Awards

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

On Friday, Nov. 13, Mr. Raymond Lunz was awarded the 2015 Best High School Blood Drive Coordinator State Award on behalf of the Illinois Coalition of Community Blood Centers (ICCBC). Morton East blood drives donate more blood than any other school, church, or organization in the State, according to Life Source. Since 2012, Mr. Lunz and the Morton East Snowball Club have been organizing blood drives at Morton East High School and were responsible for the collection of over 5500 units of blood. More than 15,000 lives have been saved by Morton East students. The blood drive takes place three times a year at Morton East. Over 500 students sign up to donate blood per blood drive. “I’m honored to accept this award on behalf of Morton East and the Snowball Club. At Morton we know strength is in our numbers and this is another example of how our passionate students are willing to give a little to save many,” said Raymond Lunz. “We’re very happy to have a community and students who care about helping others. Our students are some of the most generous students you will meet in the state. I’m very proud that they are making a difference,” said Morton East Principal Mr. Jose Gamboa.

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