Alex Acevedo Eyes State Rep Seat

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By: Ashmar Mandou

Community activism is a concept that was ingrained in Alex Acevedo’s mind since youth. “My grandmother was one of the first in Pilsen to create a local school council for other parents and my father [State Representative Edward Acevedo] has long served his community for several years. So being an activist for my community is something that comes natural to me. I have this innate sense of responsibility to represent the people of the 2nd District who I love so much,” said Acevedo, who announced his efforts to run for State Representative of the 2nd District. But just who is Alex Acevedo? We have the rundown.
Residence: Acevedo grew up and currently lives in the Pilsen neighborhood.

Age: 30

Education: University of Illinois at Chicago; majored in Kinesiology. Earned a B.S. in Nursing at Chamberlain College of Nursing

Work: Served on the pediatric floor of St. Anthony’s Hospital in the West Lawn neighborhood. Spent four years on the transplant and medical surgical floor with Children’s Memorial Hospital, currently known as Anne and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Passion for Nursing: “I have always felt that becoming my grandfather’s caregiver at such a young age kept me grounded and humble. Often I wanted to go outside and play but I had the responsibility of feeding him, dressing him, making sure he was bathed and his clothes were clean. I loved and revered him. To this day, I feel grateful that I had that time with him.”

Parental Inspiration: “I admire that my father keeps fighting for his constituents no matter what. He wants to serve and give back. After all, that’s the reason you go to Springfield, to change things for the better. That is the reason I want to run for office.”

Promise: “As the State Representative for the 2nd Ward, I promise to be an advocate for the people. He is proud of the historical work his father has done for the people of the 2nd District.”

State Representative: “The reason I am running to become State Representative for the 2nd District is because I know the fight isn’t at the hospital – it is in Springfield. I see the disparity in healthcare and I promise to fight for equality in healthcare. As a nurse, my voice was drowned out but now I know better and I am ready for the challenge. I want to go to Springfield to positively impact change that affects real lives like better health services.”

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