Berwyn Hosts Christmas Dinner for US Navy Sailors

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For the tenth straight year, the Berwyn Holiday Fund hosted over 100 sailors from Great Lakes Naval Base on Christmas Day. The event allowed the young sailors an opportunity for companionship with volunteers and civic leaders as well as a chance to reconnect with their families at home. “We forget that not everyone has the luxury of being able to spend time with loved ones over the holidays. Many of these sailors will be deployed at the start of the New Year and this event is the last time they are able to speak to their parents, siblings, or loved ones before they ship out,” said Berwyn Holiday Fund co-founder Mayor Robert J. Lovero. The event was held at Skylight West Banquets where Christmas dinner was served. “While they may never admit it, these young service people are anxious about the next chapter in their life as they are assigned bases and ships across the globe. Hopefully these new sailors can benefit from knowing that we, as former veterans, were once in their very same shoes,” said veteran and Berwyn Holiday Fund co-founder Frank Amaro.

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