New Bachelor Degrees at St. Augustine College: Psychology and Hospitality Management

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Following its mission to expand educational opportunities for our community, St. Augustine College announced that it will start offering two new Bachelor of Arts Degrees starting on January 25, 2016: a Bachelor in Psychology and a Bachelor in Hospitality Management. These new bachelor degree offerings complement St. Augustine’s current Bachelor of Social Work and numerous Associate Degrees. The Bachelor Degree in Psychology prepares students in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) Standards and graduates find work in business, sales, counseling, education, health care and other areas. This degree is also essential preparation for those considering an advanced degree in psychology and other fields. The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management is a comprehensive degree designed to prepare students for employment in the wide and growing field of hospitality management. It prepares students with a strong business curriculum, experience in culinary arts, and content courses which cover the major areas of the hospitality industry. Students can focus on specialty areas, such as international tourism, gaming, sports hospitality, and ethnic/global hospitality. For more information, to register or to enter a drawing to win one of four scholarships totaling $30,000, please call 773-878-8756 or visit

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