New Year’s Resolutions

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Alderman George Cardenas

My business resolution is to stay healthy and strong in order to tackle the myriad of problems facing the city. The main focuses will be community collaboration, fiscal review and communication.

Community Collaboration

My 12th ward service office is collaborating with local and national organizations to create meaningful after school and weekend activities for our youth to learn while having a great time. We are all safer if our youth is safe. These centers will begin to offer cultural events for all to share as we become the cultural center of the city.

Fiscal Review

I will continue to analyze City services for a more fiscally responsible and quicker response for residents as evidenced in the Streets and Sanitation move to an Enterprise Fund. This move allowed City workers, my residents, to maintain good paying jobs within a metric system of instant review of services and expenditures. Direct communication with service leaders within the City has been a success for my office.

Communication Expansion

Communication expansion is a key focus for the next year as I produce more health related events for residents. My staff has created new avenues in e-communication, relationships with schools, businesses and community centers to increase communication to all 12th ward residents. I ask residents to call my office with any questions on services, area building projects or to be included in our communication newsletters. The more we can provide through communication, the more we come together as a ward. We will go into 2016 a stronger ward, people and city as we constantly pave new roads for success.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

State Representative Silvana Tabares

“The burdens of an incomplete budget still rest on the most vulnerable in Illinois, and I will continue working to build on the bipartisan compromises we have reached to fund 9-1-1 services, domestic violence programs, heating assistance for low-income families, and vital, local needs. It is wrong for struggling families, the elderly, children with disabilities, violence victims, students unable to afford education, and all those in need to go without the important and effective programs they need to live a better life. So much suffering is being caused by extreme views, but I believe we can work together in a balanced approach to quickly and completely resolve these issues. I will never stop working to give area residents a voice in this process, as I go door-to-door to speak with them directly and as I push for the answers they need.”

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