Berwyn’s Top Five Coffee Shops Compete to be “Berwyn’s Best”

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Last week, the Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC) sought out Berwyn’s coffee shops in search of Berwyn’s Best Coffee. The BDC asked the community to let them know their favorite places to go for their morning or afternoon caffeine kick. Round 1 included a poll of 10 Berwyn-based establishments that serve coffee on their menus. The public was asked to select up to five of their favorite coffee establishments. The top five coffee places that received the most votes identified their favorite coffee specialty for the second round of voting. These selections are:

Avito Caffe | 6510 W Ogden Ave | The Café Nutella is a cafe latte with a healthy scoop of Nutella hazelnut spread steamed into the milk. The drink is built around fresh roasted La Capannina espresso shots for a masterful blend of Arabica and Robusto coffees that encompass the essence of Italy.

Café Latino | 6241 W Cermak Rd | The Café Con Leche (coffee with milk) is known throughout Latin America. It starts with a Café Bustello dark roast espresso shot, mixed with steamed milk for a smooth and velvety texture and sweetened to preference.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

Friendly Coffee Lounge | 6731 W Roosevelt Rd | The Classic Latte has two shots of Bridgeport Coffee signature Hardscrabble blend, which is a full-bodied Vienna roast with dark chocolate and a hint of spice. The drink is mixed with steamed milk and poured slowly to create a creamy texture.

Happy Buddha Cafe | 6836 W Windsor Ave | The Café de Olla is a sweet and savory Mexican coffee that is an earthy mixture of freshly roasted Montes de Oro coffee, cinnamon, aniseed and piloncillo, an unrefined brown sugar.

Mission House Café
| 6818 W 34th St | The Café Latte is a hand crafted latte made from the I Have A Bean espresso blend and steamed milk. No sweeteners are needed as the fruity notes of the Northern Italian style espresso blends with the natural sweetness of steamed milk.

Vote for Round 2 until Monday, January 25 at 5PM: “Berwyn’s Best” is a promotional program managed by the BDC. Look for additional Berwyn’s Best programming to sample all of the fantastic cuisine in our community.

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