Parents Stage Sit-In at Saucedo Scholastic Academy

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

By: Ashmar Mandou

Nearly three dozen frustrated parents, students, and community members from the Saucedo-Telpochcalli-Spry-Community Links-Little Village community held a sit-in January 20th at Saucedo Scholastic Academy to vocalize their disagreement with the Chicago Public School’s plan to merge Community Links High School students into what parents describe in an “already overcrowded” Saucedo Telpochalli School building. “We are a community that sticks together focusing on the needs of the children and the community. We will not stop until we win a community-led process to meet the school needs of our community,” said Maria Bahena, a sit-in participant and mother of three who are students at Telpochcalli School. On Tuesday, Jan. 26th a CPS statement was released stating that “CPS has postponed the proposed Saucedo/Spry/Telpochcalli/ co-location at the request of the community. We will hold regular meetings with stakeholders to seek more input.”

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

Parents and students celebrated this victory upon hearing the statement. “We commend the decision made by CPS to postpone the proposal. We look forward to working with key stakeholders to create a well-suited proposal that provides Community Links High School the opportunity to continue serving our families,” said Jennifer Rocque, an educator at Community Links High School. Parent Christina Lopez, whose child attends Saucedo School echoed the same sentiment. “We will not accept anything less than a positive and safe school for our students. Our school is named after Maria Saucedo, an activist, educator, and mother who believed in education, equality and justice. We will continue to stay vigilant and engaged until there is a community created plan,” said Lopez.

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