Board of Commissioners Approves Agreements with Agencies to Foster Youth Engagement

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The Chicago Housing Authority Board of Commissioners has approved agreements with three organizations that complement the agency’s “Year of the Youth” campaign and support CHA’s goal of keeping young public housing residents engaged in summer activities that support their development. The agreements with Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation, Summer Advantage and Growing Power were approved by the board at its regular monthly meeting on March 25.

Mikva will assist with the development of the inaugural CHA Youth Council, with an emphasis on developing policy that is informed by the voices of young people. The councils will also help to increase the engagement of adolescents in decision-making processes, develop a commitment of civic engagement and provide positive modeling and interactions between adolescents and adults.

Summer Advantage provides academic enrichment and career exploration for CHA youth participating in the Learn and Earn program, which serves about 700 CHA young people between the ages of 13 and 15. The primary purpose of the program is to keep kids engaged and learning through the summer.

Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting people of diverse backgrounds and their environment by providing access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in the community.

CHA’s Year of the Youth is a year-long youth engagement campaign that includes unique business partnerships, internship programs and youth-related programs that focus on mentoring young people and putting them on a strong career path to college and jobs.

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