Accenture Teams with City Colleges in the College to Careers Initiative

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City Colleges of Chicago announced a collaboration with Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to help enhance and shape information technology (IT) curriculum at City Colleges of Chicago, as part of the community college system’s College to Careers initiative. As part of the College to Careers program, Accenture will provide City Colleges graduates with rotational internships within its internal technology team. The internships, which will be available to City Colleges IT graduates starting in Spring 2016, are designed to help students learn and implement a variety of IT solutions within a dynamic global business environment.

Accenture will also consult with City Colleges on the development of its IT curriculum – which has experienced an overhaul in the last few years with support from employer partners – as well as on the review of college IT facilities, teacher-practitioner and networking opportunities for students, and offering internships and job interviews for City Colleges of Chicago graduates. This program is aligned with Accenture’s global corporate citizenship initiative, Skills to Succeed, which equips people with the skills that open doors to employment and economic opportunity. If you would like to learn more, visit or

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