Are White Lives the Only Ones That Matter?

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary

by Daniel Nardini

Apparently, in reaction to the “Black Lives Matter” campaign, there are right wing, neo-nazi and Klan groups that are now pushing for a “White Lives Matter” campaign. Their thinking goes like this; since “whites’ (note: I have to ask what defines as “white” currently) are being “oppressed,” “attacked” and “killed” in ever greater numbers by “non-whites” (note: I have to ask what defines “non-white”), then it is necessary to start a campaign to protect whites. The whole premise of this extremely racist campaign is that whites are victims of crimes by Blacks, Latinos and even Asians. And so because of this, these extremist, white supremacist groups see it as necessary to promote the “White Lives Matter” campaign in order to protect the “superior race.”

This is to put it mildly not true, and to put it bluntly totally racist and obscene since it distorts the facts. Interestingly enough, far more whites are killed by police than Blacks. And since many police officers are white, then it means that most victims of police misconduct are whites. The point here is that a LOT of white people are committing crimes not normally reported in the news media, and that mainly white police may have had to exercise everything including the use of deadly force against other whites rather than Blacks. The statistical information takes a further twist when homicide cases are broken down. An estimated 84 percent of all white victims are killed by other whites, and 93 percent of all Black victims are killed by other Blacks. This hardly fits the profile that whites are the victims of non-whites, and it hardly fits the profile that the “white race” is endangered by non-white races.

The whole “White Lives Matter” campaign was launched by the neo-nazi Aryan Renaissance Society, a Texas-based white supremacist group. Given what they are, how can they be credible? If one looks at the past, a number of European groups like the Italians, the European Jews, and the Albanians were not considered “white.” In today’s terms, all Latinos are NOT considered “white” by these extremist groups (never mind the fact that many Latinos come from countries with high rates of European immigration and ancestry such as Argentina and Uruguay). In my view, all lives should matter, and racism should have no place in law and society.

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