Fair Tax Bill Passes Through Springfield Committee

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Members of a house committee approved a plan on Tuesday known as the “fair tax,” that will cut taxes for over 99 precent of Illinois taxpayers and raise $1.9 billion to prevent further cuts to vital programs like social services, PK-12 and higher education and public safety. A companion bill that provides the voters with a chance to head the ballot box and choose the fair tax in November will be heard in a house committee on Thursday. The measure offers Illinois voters the chance on the November ballot to amend Illinois’ state constitution so that those with lower incomes pay a lower rate and those with higher incomes pay a higher rate. “Children, families and communities across Illinois will benefit from a fair tax,” said Emily Miller, Policy and Advocacy Director for Voices for Illinois Children. “When lawmakers on both sides of the aisle vote for the fair tax, they’ll be giving their constituents a chance to vote for a tax cut for over 99 percent of Illinois taxpayers while preventing further cuts to our social service and education infrastructures.”

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