Local Officials Call on Dept. of Aviation Commissioner Evans to Ensure Reinstatement of O’Hare Workers

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This week, SEIU Local 1, Alderman Susan Sadlowski Garza (10), Alderman Nicholas Sposato (38), Alderman Anthony Napolitano (41), and Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35) called on Department of Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans to ensure the reinstatement of unfairly fired O’Hare security officers. These officers were fired by their employer, Universal Security, after speaking to the media about their unfair labor practice strike on March 31st, which highlighted how poor standards at O’Hare Airport put workers and the public in danger. Their terminations only prove that when O’Hare workers speak out, they are intimidated, retaliated against, and ultimately unjustly fired. “Universal Security is retaliating against us after we fought for a living wage,” said Marcie Barnett. “They’re playing with our lives. But my family and I don’t like playing when it comes to our livelihoods. Commissioner Evans, do the right thing and ensure we get our jobs back.”

“I worked at O’Hare for more than 20 years before Universal Security unjustly fired me for speaking to the media,” said Sadaf Subijano. “But their retaliation has only made me stronger. I will continue to speak out for a better O’Hare, and I will continue to fight for my rights.”

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

“Sadaf and Marcie were fired unjustly, and we will stand with them every step of the way until justice is served,” said SEIU Local 1 President Tom Balanoff. “Ginger Evans has the authority to do what is right for O’Hare workers and passengers alike by ensuring these workers are reinstated.” O’Hare passenger service workers, cabin cleaners, and security officers are coming together to make O’Hare a better place. Citing retaliation from their employers, astronomical turnover, and a lack of proper training, O’Hare workers held an unfair labor practice strike on March 31st to emphasize how higher standards at O’Hare would benefit our entire city. Following the strike, Universal Security fired two security officers for voicing their concerns and speaking to the press.

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