Tabares Passes Bill to Protect Immigrants from Discrimination

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To protect undocumented workers from discrimination, State Rep. Silvana Tabares, D-Chicago, recently passed legislation that would update the state’s descriptions of workers from other countries, using the term ‘undocumented immigrant.’

“Words matter and we need to make sure our state reflects the values of hard-work, respect, and commitment that immigrants have helped to reinforce in our nation for generations,” said Tabares. “This legislation demonstrates that our state respects the values and culture that immigrants bring to Illinois.” Tabares introduced House Bill 5945 to change how the law refers to undocumented immigrants, eliminating the term ‘alien’ from the labor code and replacing it with ‘undocumented immigrant.’ She developed the legislation based on an idea from students at Eric Solorio Academy High School, which is near her district. A similar measure became law in California last August, and, if Tabares’s legislation became law, Illinois would be the second state in the country to lead this initiative. Tabares believes that the contributions of immigrants make our country stronger. On Thursday, Tabares passed the bill on the House floor with bi-partisan support and the legislation now moves to the Senate.

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