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By: Ashmar Mandou

A lack of degree in business did not prohibit Claudia Telles from listening to her entrepreneurial spirit less and creating her very own company, Trailblazing Business, a business that helps ambitious women like Telles start a successful side business without having to quit their full-time job. “It is truly a dream to create a business that I love and help women discover what they are most passionate about that will hopefully transform their lives,” said Telles. “I am living proof that you do not need a business degree, an Ivy League education or thousands of dollars to begin your business. All you need is a niche, ambition, commitment, and a willingness to learn.”

Telles, who currently works for a Chicago-based hospital, acquired close to $10,000 in debt from student loans, a sum that overwhelmed her on a daily basis. “I had to sit down and really think about my life in the long run. I had to envision what I wanted for myself and part of that was being able to pay off my loans in a reasonable about of time than the usual ten-year period most students take to pay off their loans. I wanted to travel more. I wanted a second income. So all of that motivated me to start my own consulting business,” said Telles. In six months, Telles was able to pay off her loans and have disposable income. In the months since her company’s inception, Telles has worked with millionaires and industry leaders, received recognition from Business Insider and Yahoo! Finance. When Telles launched her side business she made $3,000 a month while working 10 hours a week. Now that number has nearly tripled and she wants to share her secret with other women. “Now is the time to start your business,” said Telles. “There is no such thing as the perfect time. I believe that is a common mistake many women make when it comes down to starting their own business, timing. If I waited for the right time, I would still be in debt,” said Telles. “My situation is no different than another’s woman’s situation. We all have fears, doubts, we overwhelm ourselves with mental barriers, but the truth of the matter is that we all have the capability to be successful. We are all smart women who deserve to have what we want in life.” Telles, who recently participated in a panel discussion as part of the Miller Lite Tap the Future Business and Beer Event, shared key principals when it comes to starting any business.

Perfect Timing

Do not fall for this concept. There is no such thing as perfect timing. We all fall victims to it. You cannot wait for the opportunity to present itself, you have to create it. So instead of waiting for the perfect time to start your business, do it today!


Another mistake many women fall victim to is amount of research they think they need to comb through. Yes, do your research. But do enough to serve as a jumping off point. The best way to do your research is to attend events where industry experts share their insights. That is a great learning ground for your business and the kind of audience you want to reach.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business


This topic is very hard for some of the women who are part of the program because we want to respect everyone’s budget. However, we need to remind ourselves that the price we set in our business is non-negotiable. You have to believe in your product in order to get others to believe that the job you do is worth the price you set.


Having a side business does not mean you have to quit your current job. You do not have to give up your whole life to create your business. That is a huge misconception my clients have in the very beginning stages. You need to focus and make sure you dedicate 20 to 30 minutes each day to your business. Whether it is writing down your goals for the week, working on your idea, attending events where you can learn from experts. Dedicate each day to yourself and business.


When it comes to anything in life, especially a startup, mistakes will occur. But we cannot let that dictate how we will proceed from there. We cannot let fear of failures or mistakes rule us. We need to look at them as a learning experience. You already succeeded by starting up your own business, not everyone can do that, but you did it. So take comfort in your bold attitude and go forth.

You can learn more about Trailblazing Business by visiting Telles shared a gift exclusively for Lawndale Bilingual Newspaper readers that they can access on So for women with the entrepreneurial spirit, visit the sites above to get started.

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