Eyewear with Style

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

By: Ashmar Mandou

Celebrity Stylist Irma Martinez once again teamed up with Transitions Optical, Inc., for a second time to bring Spanish web series, “Estilo a Primera Vista,” to the masses in an effort to encourage fashionable living without sacrificing eye health. “Now that summer is here and we begin to enjoy the outdoors, it’s important that we protect our eyes,” said Martinez. “The great thing about Transitions Optical is that you can choose a selection of funky, fashionable eyewear all while keeping your eyes protected from the ultraviolet rays.” Martinez suffered retina damage growing up in her native Colombia and now has made it her mission to educate Latinos on putting their eye health as top priority. “Listen, eight out of ten Americans know about the consequences of sun damage, but a small percentage of people do anything about it,” said Martinez. “Estilo a Primera Vista educates Latinos across the country while focusing on fun topics.” This year, the theme for Estilo a Primera Vista is traveling, one of the best topics around. In the video, Martinez and Transitions Optical, Inc., focus on packing for whirlwind trips without forgetting to pack the most stylish pair of eyewear. “Eyewear is the best accessory,” Martinez. “You can definitely choose a look that fits your mood for that day. Or even go with a pair of sunglasses that matches with your outfit. There are so many to choose from and the best part is that Transitions eyewear completely blocks the sun,” said Martinez. You can check out Irma Martinez and learn more about Transitions Optical, Inc., by checking out Estilo a Primera Vista on YouTube at transitions.com/es-us.

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