Comcast reveals latest technology for their coverage of the Summer of Soccer 2016 & Olympics Games in Rio

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Courtesy of Comcast

Comcast announced that for their coverage of the Summer of Soccer 2016, they will use the latest technology to give their subscribers the best possible soccer viewing experience during Copa America 2016, the UEFA EURO 2016. The same features will also deliver a great on-screen experience for the Olympic Games in Rio. This new technology available on the X1 platform, gives the viewer options like being able to speak voice commands such as “Copa America” into the X1 Remote which will then activate the section of the X1 Spanish guide made especially for these tournaments and matches. Another cool feature is that the viewer can choose to view any of the live games or choose to view details of past games, play-by-play summaries, profiles and personal stats for each of the participating players, and much more. The choices are endless.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

This new technology was demonstrated by Brian Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast, during his presentation at the Television and Technology Expo. Roberts mentioned that all these new functions are also available in Spanish. This is the result of the efforts made by Javier García, Comcast’s Senior Vice President of Multicultural Services, and his team. Javier is a leader in the technological services industry and has dedicated an entire career to the development of digital products and services with the Hispanic population in mind.

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