President Dominick, Town Building Department Recognized for Collaborative Efforts with Realtors and the Public

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Town President Larry Dominick and the Town’s Building Department received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chicago Association of Realtors West Town Branch, at their regular meeting on June 2nd. Government Affairs Director Brian Bernardoni pointed out that communication, collaboration, and problem solving have all increased through the leadership of Larry Dominick and Building Commissioner Tom M. Tomschin. Mr. Bernardoni also expressed appreciation in the Town’s quick response to inquiries, and their willingness to meet, collaborate, and implement strategies to improve Real Estate Transactions.

Building Commissioner Tomschin thanked the West Town Branch for the acknowledgement and also spoke to the membership about exciting technological advancements coming up. He explained that a new application is being tested to perform Property Transfer Inspections on the inspectors’ mobile device. “This custom application will greatly increase efficiencies of the department, allow for quicker access to completed reports, and be in an easier to read and follow format for the buyer/seller of a property. The application will reduce trips to town hall, and help save on resources such as paper. The Association of Realtors made a request, and the Town has responded.” Commissioner Tomschin thanked President Dominick and the Town Board for their support and leadership to implement technological advancements, he also thanked the staff of the Building Department for their dedication to the community.

(Photo: from left, Brian Bernardoni, Tom M. Tomschin, Alcia Ruiz)

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