What If the Hackers Were Mexican?

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary

by Daniel Nardini

Obviously, the hackers were not Mexican. It is widely believed that the hackers who broke into the Democratic National Committee’s private e-mails were from a superpower that has much to gain from using dirty tactics in exposing confidential e-mails between high-ranking members of the Democratic National Committee. That culprit would most likely be Russia. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting a powerful probe into who stole those e-mails and who would have gained from these leaked e-mails (again all fingers are pointing to Russia). Most experts who know how hackers operate believe that it was the Russian government and Russian intelligence that did this and provided the leaked e-mails to Wikileaks. This type of cyber-attack was too sophisticated, and too well timed to have been the work of just rogue hackers.

What is interesting is that the U.S. news media is more interested in the contents of the hacked e-mails than who got them and who leaked them. That would be more important. Just as equally disconcerting is that most of the U.S. news media is not looking at all of the facts on the ground that Russia IS trying to manipulate a U.S. election for its own ends. Why? The evidence may be circumstantial, but it is very strong circumstantial evidence. As I have long said, I believe that America’s greatest adversaries are China and Russia. Yet so many Americans do not seem to see China and Russia as adversaries despite the growing mountain of evidence. I think part of the problem is that Americans overall have no real animosity, no real prejudice against Russia or China. Because of this, this might explain the lack of interest or animosity against China or Russia.

What if, for one second, the hackers were said to come from Mexico? What if, for one second, the Mexican government and Mexican intelligence were part of a grand conspiracy to hack into the e-mails of either major American political party and expose these to the public? I guarantee that headlines in every major American newspaper from the Washington Post to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal would be screaming “Mexican Conspiracy Against America.” I guarantee that the powerful Tea Party would allege that the Mexicans are behind the e-mail hacks and call for a full investigation from the U.S. Congress and every American intelligence branch of the U.S. government (the Tea Party certainly is convinced that the Mexican government is intentionally using Mexican immigration to destroy America). There would be calls from every right wing nutcase and many Republican politicians (often one and the same) calling for surveillance of Mexican nationals in the United States and even a declaration of hostilities against Mexico. In short, BLAME MEXICO.

Those who are obsessed with Mexico and anything Mexican will see conspiracy where there is none. Mexico has nothing to gain from manipulating the U.S. elections, and too much to lose if it tries to favor one candidate over another. The danger here is that those with too much prejudice will fail to use common sense in distinguishing who is America’s friend and who is America’s enemy.

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