Apprehension of Robbery and Aggravated Battery Suspects

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On, July 27, 2016, the Berwyn Police Tactical Operations Unit was advised that two dangerous robbery offenders had eluded capture in the City of Rockford and were believed to be in the Berwyn area. The suspects were drug users and both had multiple warrants for robbery and aggravated battery. These two individuals were identified as suspects in the recent incident in Rockford, IL occurring on July 20th. A 77-year-old female was targeted as she was walking to her vehicle in a Walmart parking lot. A female offender attempted to take the elderly woman’s purse, but was met with some resistance. The female offender then brutally struck the elderly woman’s head against the concrete and three suspects fled the area with her purse.

Fearing the offenders were set to target the elderly in the Berwyn area, the Berwyn Police Department assisted the Rockford Police Detectives in locating and apprehending two of the robbery offenders. The third suspect was also identified in the course of this investigation. Through a combined multi-jurisdictional effort utilizing the Berwyn Police Department, the West Suburban Enhanced Drug and Gang Enforcement Task Force (W.E.D.G.E.) and the Rockford Police Detectives, this heinous crime spree was stopped and three dangerous felons were brought to justice. All three individuals have been charged accordingly and are being held in the Winnebago County Jail.

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