Of Poor Suffering Animals and Luxury Watches

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary

by Daniel Nardini

The more horror stories I read coming out of Venezuela, the more I have to wonder if this land has truly been cursed. I read about all of Venezuela’s zoos being unable to feed any of their animals. This in of itself is catastrophic. This year 50 animals have died at the main Caracas city zoo alone. Worse, because of the growing scarcity of food for many Venezuelans, some people have actually broken into the zoos and chopped up some of the animals for food! This was the case of one horse—the only thing found left of this poor animal was its head. Maybe the horse was lucky; the majority of animals are slowly starving to death. It is not just zoo animals that are being affected. Throughout the country, people are beginning to abandon their pets because they can no longer feed or take care of them. There are cats and dogs that have been left at the side of the road to fend for themselves. No one seems to want to take care of them, and the mayor of Caracas has put out signs at various public buildings throughout Caracas pleading for people to not abandon their pets in these places.

In a very strong way, Venezuela is cursed with leadership that does not seem to care about the suffering of their own people or their pets or anything else. This point was driven home when someone put on a website photos of the top Socialist leaders who sported luxury watches from Switzerland. All of the top leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela sported very to extremely expensive Swiss made luxury watches. The president himself, Nicolas Maduro, sported a luxury watch worth U.S. $975, and that was not even the most expensive watch worn by a high official. The most expensive was worn by Emmanuel Andrade—a former treasurer and close friend to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez—-at a cost of U.S. $33,700. Altogether, the cost for all of these watches worn by the government’s high officials would add up to U.S. $500,000. And that is just their watches! It does not include their homes, their cars or the government expenditure for how they live.

To put it mildly, these high Socialist officials live high off the hog while their people starve, the zoo animals starve, and all those poor pets are thrown out into the streets to starve. It is unimaginable horror. And I ask myself how long this sick insanity can go on?!

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