Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski Amends Veteran’s Preference and Outreach Ordinance

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Building on the efforts of a resolution passed last year, 16th District Cook County Commissioner Jeffrey R. Tobolski introduced an ordinance to amend various sections of the Cook County Procurement Code that ensures veteran-owned businesses (VBEs) and service disabled veteran-owned businesses (SDVBEs) benefit from eligible Cook County contracts. The amendment passed unanimously at the Cook County Board Meeting on September 14th, 2016. Currently, the County offers a bid preference of five percent of the amount of a contract to eligible veteran-owned businesses. Moreover, the County provides for a three percent participation goal each year of its total expenditures for supplies, equipment, goods, and services to VBEs and SDVBEs.

However, Commissioner Tobolski found these goals were not being met. “After reviewing monthly procurement reports, I was surprised to find that the available pool of VBE and SDVBE is extremely low,” said Commissioner Tobolski. “Expanding outreach, requiring detailed reports, and providing resources to help with the County certification process better assists and encourages our Veteran entrepreneurs to certify with the County for eligible contracts.” To be eligible, businesses must be at least 51 percent veteran-owned and based in Illinois. Military Veterans are encouraged to certify with Cook County as Veterans Business Enterprises (VBEs) to help expand the available pool of VBEs and SDVBEs. For more information, contact Bill Browne, Cook County Director of Veterans Affairs, at 312-603-6423 or Jacqueline Gomez, Cook County Contract Compliance, at 312-603-5502.

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