Record Numbers of Latinos Registering to Vote

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Food

by Daniel Nardini

In South Carolina alone, Latino voter registration has shot up 40 percent (that of Asian Americans has shot up 10 percent in the same state). Interestingly enough, overall voter registration in South Carolina has shot up eight percent compared to what it was in 2012. This is showing a keen interest in this presidential election, and especially among racial and ethnic minorities. There is more to this story. The Democratic Party, working hard to make sure that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins, has undertaken a major effort to register Latinos not only in swing states but also in states where Latinos are a growing segment of the population.

The voter registration effort by the Democratic Party is being undertaken in the belief that most Latinos as well as Asian Americans will vote Democrat. Regardless, many Latino organizations throughout the country are trying to register first time Latino voters for the presidential race as well as those congressional personnel up for election. Will it make a difference? Latino voters did have an impact on the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, so it might have an impact on this one. Yet there are still many Latinos who have not registered to vote. For all of my readers, I urgently advise you to register to vote as soon as possible. For those who are eligible to vote, this election will be an important one in your life time. I therefore urge all to register to vote and vote!

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