Holiday Tips with Chef Ana Quincoces

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Holiday season means quality time with our family and loved ones. For any hostess, holiday entertaining can be an exciting and rewarding experience albeit stressful. Many spend days and even weeks preparing the menu to ensure the holiday being celebrated with family becomes a lasting memory. Food, and especially desserts, have a very important role in uniting the family and creating lasting memories during the holiday season. Nestlé La Lechera has partnered with cookbook author, TV personality and celebrity Chef Ana Quincoces to share some holiday entertaining tips for your readers. I’ve also included below two dessert recipes from La Lechera to add a unique Latin twist to any celebration.

Tips from celebrity Chef Ana Quincoces:

Include your family: Family gathers around food and the table, there is nothing better than cooking together. Include your children when prepping to host guests as this will create unforgettable memories. While one cuts the ingredients, the other can wash the fruits and vegetables or set up the table.

Prepare in advance: If you’re hosting, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare the food and set up. Cut the ingredients in advance, heat he food in the oven before they arrive and set up the table the night before. This will give you more time in case something unexpected comes up last minute.

Plan the menu: The key to any gathering is the food. Pick a theme for your gathering so it’s easier. If you’re hosting a buffet-style menu, make sure to have signs with the name of the dishes so people know what they’re eating. A dessert bar is always a great idea and it can be fun for children and adults!

Enjoy! Latinos love our sobremesa and spending time with our loved ones after a great meal. Don’t clean up while your guests are there as they will feel rushed and uncomfortable. There is nothing better than spending some quality time with family after sharing a delicious dessert!

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