Aldermen, Advocates Celebrate Passage of Resolution Condemning Islamophobia

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A resolution sponsored by the City Council Progressive Reform Caucus condemning Islamophobia and anti-Muslim violence passed unanimously in the Committee on Human Relations Committee on Monday. In a press conference Monday morning, the Progressive Caucus stood with a broad coalition of leaders from the Muslim community to pledge defense to those experiencing hate and harassment in Chicago. “We are seeing an increase in hate crimes and in attacks on Muslim Americans in particular all across this country,” said Progressive Caucus Chair Ald. Scott Waguespack (32). “Our goal today is to send a clear message to Chicagoans: your elected leaders stand strongly with our Muslim neighbors, and we will not tolerate Islamophobia, hate speech, or violence in any form. Not in our town. Not in our streets.”

“We’ve seen over 300 incidents reported to our organizations…we have individuals who can’t practice their faith at work or are facing school bullying issues, facing discrimination in prisons, law enforcement profiling, airport profiling, amongst others,” said Sufyan Sohel, Deputy Director of the Council on Islamic Relations-Chicago. “America is a place where people should be able to freely practice their faith. It’s a constitutional right, and I applaud the City Council for this resolution.” Hira Siddiqui, a junior at Amundsen High School and a member of KINETIC, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago’s immigrant and refugee youth program, spoke about being attacked in her community. “I came here from Pakistan three years ago to build a better future for my family. This was my first presidential election in the United States. This should have been an exciting moment, but as I watched the results come in on election night, I felt my heart sink,” said Siddiqui. The resolution was supported by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, the Council on American Islamic Relations-Chicago, the Syrian Community Network, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago, the Muslim Community Center, Arab American Action Network, Makki Mosque, along with, Human Relations Committee Chair Ald. Pat Dowell (3), Asian-American Caucus Chair Ald. Ameya Pawar (47) and Retired Cook County Circuit Court Judge William J. Haddad, former president and founder of the Arab-American Bar Association of Illinois.

Photo Caption: Hira Siddiqui, student at Amundsen High School

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