Hundreds Celebrate New Future Energy Jobs Bill

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

Exelon representatives and nuclear plant employees joined Governor Bruce Rauner, state legislators, local business leaders, environmental groups to celebrate the signing of the Future Energy Jobs Bill, an energy plan that safeguards the state’s top source of clean energy, protects and creates thousands of jobs and strengthens the Illinois economy, while preserving competitive rates. Thousands of Illinoisans are attending rallies today at Riverdale High School in the Quad Cities region and Clinton High School to celebrate the signing of the Future Energy Jobs Bill by Governor Rauner. The Clinton and Quad Cities plants, two of the state’s reliable and efficient nuclear power plants, are now planned to operate for at least another 10 years as a result of the legislation.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

The Future Energy Jobs Bill secures competitive electric rates for Illinois homes and businesses, protects and creates good-paying jobs, and spurs billions of dollars in investment in clean energy and energy efficiency across the state. It also levels the playing field with solar and wind energy by valuing the zero-carbon energy produced by the nuclear facilities. Ninety percent of the zero-carbon energy produced in Illinois comes from the state’s nuclear facilities. The bill also includes protections that limit the impact of the legislation to 25 cents per month for the average ComEd residential customer and to all business classes at 1.3 percent compared with their 2015 rates. It also will provide businesses flexible options for capturing savings through expanded energy efficiency initiatives.

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