Berwyn Police Department Trains Local Schools in Use of Tourniquets for Emergency Preparedness

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Doctors say the number one reason a victim of a mass casualty incident dies is due to bleeding. Berwyn School Districts 98 and 100 are going to receive specialized training from the City of Berwyn Police Department to increase the chances of survival should a mass casualty incident occur. When someone is injured and the injury causes arterial bleeding, the injured person has less than five minutes before it’s too late to save them. Now teachers and staff members of District 98 and District 100 are being trained regarding how to stop bleeding should they experience a mass causality incident resulting in an arterial bleeding wound. This training is made possible through the cooperation of City of Berwyn Mayor Robert Lovero, Acting Police Chief Michael Cimaglia, Fire Chief Denis O’Halloran, District 100 Superintendent Mary Havis, District 100 Assistant Superintendent Jane Bagus and District 98 Superintendent Dr. Carmen Ayala. The ultimate goal of Mayor Lovero, the Police Department and the Fire Department is to have trained staff members on the proper use of tourniquets which are now accessible in every Berwyn grade school.

Photo Caption:

(Acting Police Chief Michael Cimaglia, Commander Giordano Manfredini, School District 98 Superintendent Carmen Ayala, Mayor Robert Lovero, School District 100 Superintendent Mary Havis, School District 100Assistant Superintendent Jane Bagus, Captain Training Officer Joseph Lotito, Commander Joseph Santangelo, Commander Thomas O’Halloran)

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