Sandoval Promotes Minority Owned and Small Businesses

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Last Friday, State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-11) held a press conference to promote greater utilization of minority businesses by railroads, private and public universities and local municipal governments. “We must build on Illinois’ nation-leading success in partnering with large organizations to provide significant opportunities to minority and women-owned businesses,” said Senator Sandoval. “Illinois has led the nation in forging innovative public policies to grow Illinois businesses. We have created collaborative, non-antagonistic relationships between state agencies and major anchor institutions to help them find success with their voluntary supplier diversity initiatives.” Last year, hospitals joined a collaborative initiative with Public Act 99-0767 (HB4370). In 2017 they will begin reporting their voluntary supplier diversity programs to the Health Facilities and Service Planning Board. Advocates and legislators are seeking to expand a collaborative model that grows Illinois businesses to make Illinois the best state in the nation to assist industries with their voluntary initiatives to partner with small and diverse Illinois businesses. Five bills have been drafted to jump start the initiative; SB1240 covers Telecommunications, cable and internet providers, SB1267 covers Railroads, SB83 covers Higher Education, SB1567 covers EDGE Tax Credit Recipients and HB220 requires most local governments to administer their own program.

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State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (center) was joined by minority business owners and organizations at a press conference to promote greater utilization of minority businesses, in Springfield.

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