The Sanctuary City Crisis in Chicago

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Food

by Daniel Nardini

With the stroke of a pen, U.S. President Donald Trump has made his position clear on those major cities in this country that wish to give “sanctuary” to the undocumented—-comply with my decree of kicking out the “illegals” or lose federal funding in all categories. While the U.S. Congress has to approve many things that the president does, Trump has leeway on providing federal funding or not in a number of categories for services for our major cities. The U.S. Congress has to approve his immigration policies, but in the mean time he can issue presidential decrees where his authority extends. However, the City of Chicago government finds his attempts to make his word law is a dangerous step in trying to bend those below him in the chain of government to his will. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel clearly despises Trump, and Trump’s attempts to rule as an iron-fisted leader who will brook no opposition. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is caught in the middle. Although a Republican, Rauner has to work with the City of Chicago and leading state Democrats to try and work out an annual budget to try to get the state moving.

But more to the point, the Democrats and many of the Republicans are not too thrilled with complying with President Trump’s executive decree because they realize that if the undocumented can be deprived of their rights, then the rights of legal immigrants will be next (in fact, that is happening right now; Trump signed an executive order banning people from certain Muslim countries because……………they are Muslim. Two federal judges ruled a stay of this ban for now). What Emmanuel and Rauner are dealing with is the danger of unchecked power emanating from the White House, and the threat that if they do not knuckle under they will receive no money to run state or local government. Can Chicago hold out against any loss of funding from the federal government? Will Bruce Rauner side with Trump or try to stay out of the fight and try to work with Emmanuel? The battle lines are drawn, and it is now becoming a contest of wills. But it is more than just a contest of wills. Innocent people are at stake, and what will become of them if President Trump prevails?

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