Sandoval Works to Strengthen Public Safety

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Last week, State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-11) met with Chicago Ald. Ricardo Muñoz (22), Ald. Raymond Lopez (15) and Ald. Toni Foulkes (16), discuss Senate Bill 1722, the Safe Neighborhoods Reform Act. SB1722 pushes for an enhanced gun sentencing law. The bill makes the law tougher on repeat gun offenders. People caught multiple times carrying an illegal gun, due to not qualifying for the appropriate permit or a concealed carry license. Currently, If someone is found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm for a second time, they’d go to prison for three to seven years; under Senate Bill 1722, the sentence would typically be double that. A judge would maintain discretion to hand out a lesser sentence. Senator Sandoval represents the 11th Senate District, which includes the neighborhoods of Brighton Park, Clearing, Gage Park, Garfield Ridge, Little Village, West Lawn, and West Cook municipalities of Bedford Park, Burbank, Cicero, Forest View, Lyons, McCook, Stickney, Summit and Riverside.

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Senator Sandoval met with City of Chicago Councilmen (from left) Ald. Ricardo Muñoz, Ald. Raymond Lopez and Ald. Toni Foulkes to discuss public safety.

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