Cities Calling for Trump Impeachment

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Salud

by Daniel Nardini

Will Chicago be among a growing number of cities calling for the impeachment of current U.S. President Donald Trump? Such a resolution is already being considered. We have yet to see what will happen. Meanwhile, cities like Los Angeles, Berkeley, Alameda, Cambridge, Amherst, etc., have already passed resolutions for the further investigation into possible connections into the Trump presidential campaign and those who might have been involved. But these resolutions have also been passed because those city officials at the local level are concerned that President Trump has not put his assets into a blind trust and therefore can still be influenced by foreign powers.

I know where this is going—they want to see Trump out of office. All nice and good, except that only the U.S. Congress can impeach a president, and with the U.S. Congress in Republican hands this will not seem likely. But the whole Russia connections issue will simply not go away, and seems to be getting that much worse as time goes on. Personally, I doubt that the Republicans have the interest or stomach for a thorough investigation or impeachment. It is not hard to figure out; with the exception of a few, most Republicans do not want to impeach “one of their own.” Whether they like Trump or not, they want to keep him as president and milk his tenure in office for all the legislation they can pass (which may now look difficult with this Russia
connections issue growing).

There is no question in my mind that the Republican Party by and large is trying to forestall any in-depth and thorough investigation. But as I said, the issue will not go away, and despite their best efforts in slowing down or stopping the investigation, it still continues and surprises us even more as it grows. We will have to see where this all goes.

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