Communist Statues in the USA

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary

by Daniel Nardini

Did you know that there is a bust of former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in Bedford, Virginia? The bust is part of a dedication
to the D-Day Landings that happened on the coast of France on June 6, 1944. Since this memorial is dedicated to the men and leaders who planned the D-Day invasion against the Nazis, then why is Stalin’s statue there? He did not plan or have anything to do with the D-Day attack. If anything, he was one of the architects along with Adolf Hitler in starting the war in Europe in 1939. Plus, Stalin is guilty of murdering 20-25 million Russians (not including 7 million Ukrainians) during his rule. Why on earth are we honoring this monster?

Did you also know that there are three statues to Lenin in the United States? There is one in Atlantic City, New Jersey; New York City, and Seattle, Washington state. Even if these were meant as a joke, they are a BAD joke. Lenin created the first Communist state, and is responsible for the death of at least 5 million people. He is the one who created the secret police called the Cheka—which would later evolve into the infamous NKVD under Stalin and then into the KGB. Why on earth do we have statues to this person? He played no part in American history, and any statues of him, whether intentional or not, are still honoring him. Vladimir Lenin created the model that all Communist states have followed, and his creation still haunts all democratic nations.

At a time when there are politicians and state governments ready and willing to take down statues and monuments honoring Confederate personnel, no one seems interested in taking down statues to two of the most brutal and bloody dictators that has ever haunted the planet. Maybe it is time that we should consider this.

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