Alderman Cardenas Objects Pilsen and Little Village Action Plan

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On Thursday, the Chicago Plan Commission was to consider a resolution recommending the approval of the Pilsen and Little Village Action Plan, created in partnership by the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP). The Action Plan is a summary of issues and opportunities facing the communities of Pilsen and Little Village, focusing specifically on land use, economic development, cultural assets, industrial land uses and more. After careful review of the plan, Alderman Cardenas sent a letter of objection to both DPD and the Plan Commission. “I am particularly concerned with the inadequate consideration of issues posed by the lack of affordable housing in this area of the City. Without a comprehensive housing plan, residents of Little Village, similarly to residents in Pilsen, will be severely affected by increased property values and high rents in the years to come. I will not support this plan until it is reworked,” wrote Alderman Cardenas in his objection letter. Over 10,000 low income residents have left Pilsen, from which 5,000 were evictions. The Pilsen and Little Village Action Plan does not provide specific guidelines on how DPD plans to keep housing affordable in these neighborhoods. Gentrification and rising property values have disparate impacts, such as increased crime and home displacement, not to mention the mental health disparities that occur to families who can no longer afford their life-long homes. After receiving the objection letter, the Plan Commission deferred the resolution until August 2017.

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