Chicago’s Native, Mario Fernando Martinez Is Making Waves in Central, Illinois

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After a member resigned in May of 2017, Mario Fernando Martinez was appointed. Making him the first Cuban/African American to ever be appointed to the office of Board of Trustees of Melvin, Illinois on June 13, 2017.  He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  He Is Featured On His Mothers Famous Birthday Site For Being Her Son And Producing “The Album 43” By His Mother Alicia Grimes who is a YouTube Star.  After being defeated by 1 Vote as he ran for election In April, He was appointed to the Board of Trustees Of The Village Of Melvin Illinois and the Vote Was A 4 To 1 Win. Prior to his appointment, Martinez produced his mother’s The Album 43, which includes the hit songs “Money Money,” “Say I Do” and “Official.” Since the county was formed in 1859 never had been A black politician In Ford County until now. While the 27-year-old first gained fame as the son of YouTube sensation Alicia Grimes and as a record producer and model. He now lays claim to being the first African-American to join a Ford County board in the county’s 158-year history. Martinez credits much of his inspiration to his mother, whom he says taught him to never give up on his dreams, one of which is to run for a bigger office seat. His 50,000 Instagram followers probably agree.

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