Corazón Community Services Hosts Peace Movement

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Corazón Community Services, in collaboration with the Town of Cicero, Clyde Park District and community partners, will host the annual Peace Movement 2017 (formerly known as Cease Fire week) in Cicero. Corazón Community Services is investing in prevention programs and activities through the summer months, to keep youth busy and safe. The event will include a list of free activities. Below is a list of events occurring in the coming weeks:

Break the Violence Movement Night
Friday, July 21st at 6p.m.
Parkholme on 18th St., and 51st Ave.

Soccer Tournament
Wednesday, July 26th at 10a.m.
The Field at 18th and Laramie

Break the Violence Movement Night
Friday, Aug. 4th
North Warren Park at 59th Ave., and 13th St.

Softball Tournament
Wednesday, Aug. 9th at 10a.m.
Kohlar Field at 36th St., and 60th Ave.

Break the Violence Movement Night
Friday, Aug. 18th at 6p.m.
East Parkholme at 47th Ave., and 21st St.

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