Take Care of Your Health with Don Francisco

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By: Ashmar Mandou

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 29 million Americans and an estimated 415 million people worldwide have diabetes, and nearly 28 percent of Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed. In the U.S., approximately 12 percent of those aged 20 and older have diabetes. The Hispanic community is disproportionately affected by diabetes as those diagnosed/undiagnosed is at 16 percent compared to ten percent in non-Hispanic white adults. The statistic underscores the importance of education and dispelling myths shrouding diabetes in the Hispanic community.

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes sixteen years ago. I know it is a struggle because it is a struggle for me, at times, but I know from experience you can manage diabetes by eating healthy and staying active,” said beloved entertainer Don Francisco, who recently partnered with Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim to launch a new awareness initiative, entitled Basado en Hechos. “This is such a great initiative,” said Don Francisco, during a phone interview with Lawndale Bilingual Newspaper. “Basado en Hechos is a great way for families to gain information. All types of information and tackles the misconceptions people have around type 2 diabetes. The website is a great tool for people living with type 2 diabetes to learn how they can better their everyday routine.” Basado en Hechos is a new awareness initiative that provides facts about type 2 diabetes and helps dispel common myths about diabetes care, including insulin treatment, among U.S. Hispanics.

Don Francisco was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 16 years ago and is among the estimated 3.2 million Hispanics in the U.S. living with the condition. He is doing his part to provide information that can help separate fact from fiction for people with diabetes and their families and friends. “My mother was diagnosed with diabetes and so was my grandmother, so I knew my time would come when I would be diagnosed,” said Don Francisco. “I grew up knowing how diabetes could affect you if you did not keep healthy. So I committed to keeping myself active and maintain somewhat a healthy meal plan. Now, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I do indulge. I’m human. Just the other day I had a hot dog, but the purpose is knowing when to limit yourself. Diabetes can be scary for most people, but if you equip yourself with the right tools you can live a fulfilling life.” Today, Don Francisco has learned to manage his type 2 diabetes daily through medication and healthy habits, allowing him to stay active and include the foods he loves in his meal plan. Now, through the Basado en Hechos initiative, Don Francisco is urging the Hispanic community to learn together with him so they can make informed decisions about diabetes with their healthcare providers. To learn more about Basado en Hechos initiative, visit basadoenhechos.com.

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