FEMA Awards Cicero Fire $130,000 for Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded the Town of Cicero a $130,000 grant to replenish its stock of Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors that are given to residents free of charge. Among its many services to residents, the Town of Cicero provides every home or apartment a free combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector. Fire Chief Dominick Buscemi said he was assisted by Deputy Fire Chief Chad Harvey and Grant writer Jose Alvarez in applying for the FEMA grant last May. “This is a beneficial program for town resident supported by Town President Larry Dominick. It’s another important benefit and service that residents receive from the town,” Buscemi said. “There is a continued need for smoke detectors. They save lives and help prevent fires. But they have to be checked annually and replaced when they are broken. We always have requests for the detectors and we to continue to ensure that our homeowners have the latest and best detectors.” Buscemi said last year the town spent $30,000 to purchase 800 smoke detectors that were given to home and apartment owners free-of-charge. Last October, Cicero and the Fire Department partnered with Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to provide about 1,000 more detectors. Buscemi said that the Town will be able to purchase about 3,000 high quality combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors using the $130,000 FEMA grant.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News


Officials of Luri Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Town of Cicero officials hand out free smoke detectors during a program in October. Cicero gives provides free smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors free-of-charge to all Cicero residents. Luri Children’s Hospital donated the detectors during this giveaway but last year, Cicero spent $30,000 to purchase detectors. The FEMA grant will allow the Town to purchase up to 3,000 more Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors for future giveaways. Photo credit the Town of Cicero.

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