The Ecuador-Peru Border Wall

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary

by Daniel Nardini

It seems that U.S. President Donald Trump is not the only one interested in building a wall between two nations. Current Ecuadoran President Leni9n Moreno had built a one kilometer wall on the border with Peru. The wall cuts through two towns—Huaquillas in Ecuador and Aguas Verdes in Peru. Before the wall was built, it was easy to cross from the town on the Ecuadoran side to the town on the Peruvian side. No longer. A person must now walk around the wall between the two towns to get to the other side of the border. According to the Ecuadoran government, the wall was built to prevent flooding. However, the Peruvian government contends that it is an arbitrary separation between the two countries and that Peru was never consulted about the wall.

In fact, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was so furious over this border wall being built that he recalled the Peruvian ambassador to Ecuador. This strong reaction has caused Ecuador to stop building the border wall any further. Relations between Ecuador and Peru, especially in regards to their shared border, has been a source of friction for decades. In 1941, Ecuador and Peru went to war over their border. In 1995, there was a brief war, called the Alto Cenepa War (after the region it was fought in between Ecuador and Peru), which further strained relations between the two countries. Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the United States mediated between Ecuador and Peru to try and bring about new peaceful negotiations between the two on their shared border. This ultimately led to the signing of the Brasilia Presidential Act in 1998 and the formal demarcation of the current boundary between Ecuador and Peru. However, this has not prevented strained relations between the two countries, and this act of building a border wall between Ecuador and Peru is just one example. It just goes to show that the United States is not the only country with bad taste.

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