Honduras’ Coffee Craze

By: Daniel Nardini

Honduras is the largest grower of coffee beans and coffee exports in Central America and the third largest exporter of coffee in the Americas. It is the sixth largest coffee exporter in the world. The country’s coffee plantations employ tens of thousands of Hondurans, and more relevant is an important job source for the country at a time when many Hondurans are looking for work. The country’s coffee crop is now the most stable institution and one that has helped Honduras stay on the coffee market. The most important coffee growing regions in Honduras are Copan, Opalaca, Montecillos, Comayagua, Agatta and El Paraiso. The growing, processing and exporting of Honduran coffee is big business.

This is why the Honduran government is now trying to promote the growing, processing and selling of its coffee product as part of its tourism industry. The Honduran Institute of Tourism and the Honduran Coffee Institute have combined their efforts in promoting the country’s product as part of a tourism circuit known as the “coffee route.” As part of the coffee route, both domestic and international tourists will be able to see the different varieties of coffee grown, the picking of the coffee beans, the research that goes into improving the quality of the taste of the coffee, set up eco-tourist activities for visitors, and help promote coffee shops throughout the country. At the same time, the major tourist promotion will help the local coffee farmers with income and promote not only responsible tourism but also friendly ecological conditions for the environment.

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