Saint Anthony Rated the City of Chicago’s Best Value Hospital by Amino

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In a new report released by Amino, a health care transparency company, Saint Anthony Hospital has been rated the city of Chicago’s “Best Value” hospital. Amino examined 68 hospitals across the Chicago area by analyzing their propriety database to calculate institutions’ health care costs and paired it with their quality data. “’Best Value’ means that Saint Anthony is achieving high quality of care and simultaneously providing that care at a lower cost,” said Chief Quality Officer and Obstetrician for Saint Anthony Hospital Eden Takhsh, M.D. “In other words, our hospital is on the right path toward remaining successful in this increasingly competitive health care marketplace.” With the health care environment becoming more difficult to navigate, Amino is working to help consumers make smarter health care choices in an age where there is an overwhelming amount of information. Their health care database of more than 9 billion insurance claims represents nearly every doctor and facility in America, and $1.8 trillion in medical bills. Amino’s Facility Cost Ratings leverage recognizable dollar signs to allow people to more easily shop for procedures like MRIs and surgeries nearby, knowing which facilities are in-network and relatively affordable. “Amino is focused on giving consumers and other health care stakeholders the information and tools they need to navigate decisions that could greatly impact their health and their wallet,” said David Vivero, CEO of Amino. “We hope that such transparency can guide people toward better care.”

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