Cicero Honors MMA Champion Jose Torres

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Mixed Martial Arts Champion Jose “Shorty” Torres and Combat-Do founder Master Bob Schirmer displayed the championship belts that Torres has won in international and national competitions at a recent meeting of the Town of Cicero Board. Torres, who is from Cicero, and told the board he is honored by the support he has received from the community. “I want other young people to know that Cicero is very supportive of our educations and careers and I am honored by the support I have received from the town and proud to tell people I am from the Town of Cicero,” Torres said. Schirmer added, “Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres will never give up. He is tenacious. No matter how tough the competition, he will never quit. He is determined, dedicated and has great desire to be the best he can be. He is a hero and a heck of a great role model.” Torres recently won the Titan Fighting Championship in Florida, and has a 6 win and No Loss record in Mixed Martial Arts competitions. At age 25, Torres has 19 straight wins, a phenomenal championship record that has brought much honor to the Town of Cicero and its residents. Town President Larry Dominick thanked Torres and Schirmer for bringing distinction and honor to the Town of Cicero and its residents. “You have done a great job Bob in helping our youth rise up and compete at the international and national level and giving them something positive to look forward too,” Dominick said. “We are really proud of all that you do and the amazing honors that Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres has achieved and brought back to our town.”

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(From left Combat-Do founder Master Bob Schirmer, Mixed Martial Arts Champion Jose “Shorty” Torres, and Cicero Town President Larry Dominick. Photo courtesy of the Town of Cicero.)

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